TARDI skills up EC’s home industries

The Tsolo Agriculture and Rural Development and Institute (Tardi) will continue to train individuals actively involved in food production in the Eastern Cape to produce quality bakery and dairy products, using it’s newly acquired state-of-the art equipment.

Tardi manager Webha Mbovu said the institute was over the moon about the machinery because it would not only improve quality but the quantity of what was produced.

“This development has come in handy because some of the clients we train had machines that were more advanced than the ones we had before. This will ensure we meet the training requirements and teach our clients to use the latest equipment,” Mbovu said.

Tardi consumer scientist and trainee Ms (FIRST NAME NEEDED) Petse echoed Mbovu’s sentiments, saying the small stoves they used were not of the standard of those of some of their trainees. “It was great relief to able to buy these industrial automated machines so that we can meet our clients’ standards.

This state-of-art equipment meets the required standards of food hygiene and safety, which is very important in food preparation,” she said. She said Tardi’s home industries section, unlike the academic division that deals with diplomas in animal health, was training communities in sewing, baking, catering and agrop ro ce ssi ng.

She said they were training according to the needs highlighted by each project, which were referred to Tardi by NGOs and departments like social development and rural development and agrarian reform through the CASP programmes.

Organised committees also made requests to Tardi. Asked about the importance of the home industries section, Petse said:

“It is very important to our clients because they get to eat products like jam, yogurt and various bakery products that are processed here. They come here to get exposure and those who are interested take part in our operation when they have a chance.”